Atlanta Girl's 18 & Under Junior Singles Flex Ladder Leagues Summer 2015

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Atlanta Girl's 18 & Under Junior Singles Flex Ladder Leagues Summer 2015

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Women's 40 & Over Senior Doubles Summer 2015 Flex Ladder League


If you live within 10 miles from *Toco Hills, GA, then don't miss this amazing opportunity to join our new Girl's 18 & Under Junior Singles Summer 2015 Flex Ladder League that features competitive Beginner-Intermediate and Advanced Division levels! The Ladder by Tour Tennis Ladder provides players of all ages and skill levels an easy, fun, and competitive option to play more tennis matches year round. With junior, adult, senior, singles, doubles, and mixed divisions, players now have the opportunity to play what they want around even the busiest schedules. The Ladder runs through local tennis stores to provide premier services, prizes, and a player party each season with the ultimate goal to grow tennis in the community.

*It is strongly recommended that you live within 10 miles of the Toco Hills area; otherwise please travel to other opponent's vicinity in Toco Hills. We will be expanding the Atlanta, GA so that this is not an inconvenience in the future.

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DivisionExperience LevelKnowledge of the GameSuggested Goals in The Ladder
Division 1 (Advanced)Regular competitive / tournament match play and the potential to be an elite tournament player.Frequent practicing & coaching with an understanding of technique & strategy or weekly competitive training & high performance coaching.Wants to gain a higher level of competitive experience as well as improve skills & mental toughness.
Division 2 (Beginner - Intermediate)Just getting started. Has played recreational matches & has basic coaching, or plays regularly &/or athletically talented with little tournament experience.Understands how to keep score & play, but has little experience. Understands basic shots but has difficulty with control or understands basic shots but difficult with either control or power.Wants to develop skills & experience match play with an emphasis on having fun.

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