How to choose a Racquet

  • Step 1: Racquet Weight

    Step 1: Racquet Weight

    The first step in choosing a racquet is first assessing you strength and determining which racquet weight is appropriate for your size, strength, and skill level. We start with every customer with weight because it quickly filters several racquet choices that will not help players improve their game. We designate racquet weight for tennis players in 1 of 3 categories:

    1. Juniors, Basic Beginners, or Seniors - This category is for players of slighter build or need a lighter racquet to get the racquet around their body and make good contact on the ball. These racquets are also recommended to lessen the potential for tennis elbow injuries.

    2. Average Players - This category can be narrowed in two segments. One: you're strong enough to handle most any racquet but your skill level is beginner to intermediate. Or two: you may be a very skilled player, but in order to preserve your shoulder, elbow and don't want to risk future injury, this category will be the right fit for you.

    3. Advanced Players - This racquet is for stronger physique players who are intermediate to advanced and make solid contact with the ball on nearly every swing. The benefit is with heavier racquet weight means more ability to overpower your opponent, but only highly skilled adults should contemplate using these types of racquets.

    Start your search today by clicking on which Category is right for you:

    1. Juniors, Beginner Women, Seniors

    2. Average Players

    3. Advanced Players

  • Step 2: Racquet Headsize

    Step 2: Racquet Headsize

    After you've determined which Racquet Weight is best for you, the next step is determining which racquet headsize is appropriate for your skill level, we segment these into 1 of 3 categories also:

    1. Forgiving / Beginners - This category is for new players who play less than 12 times per year. These racquets afford the most forgiving sweetspot on the racquet and allow for mishits to still keep you in the point. These racquets range above 101+ square inches.

    2. Average Hitters / Intermediate - This category is for players who play significantly throughout the year but need a racquet with the wider sweetspot than (for example) a 95 square inch racquet. These racquets range from 100 - 101 square inches. A lot of pros play with these headsizes due to the advancement of technology in string and racquet composition, racquets with 100 square inches still pack tons of feel, power, and control in addition to great forgiveness.

    3. Precise Hitters / Advanced - These racquets are for precise hitters who hit the sweetspot of the racquet a large percentage of their play. We only recommend this racquet if you're a regular high-level competitor and need more precision in feel and control that you can't get with 'larger head-sized' racquets.

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  • Step 3: Racquet Flex

    Step 3: Flex (Assigned Stiffness Rating - or - RA)

    Racquet Flex (or sometimes denoted as RA - assigned stiffness rating) is the final step to choosing the best racquet to fit your game, but it's one of the more misunderstood concepts within Tennis:

    1. More Control - These racquets have a lower flex rating. The lower the flex rating, the higher ability the racquet possesses to absorb the ball off the racquet and therefore, players who want more control will use lower racquet-stiffness to generate more spin.

    2. Even Balance (Control & Power) - This is the largest category ofThese racquets are a good medium between control and power, if you're unsure whether you should play with higher or lower stiffness, select this category.

    3. More Power - These racquets have higher flex ratings. Higher stiffness means that the ball will bounce off the racquet because there's less force absorption and therefore the ball will pop off the racquet face with more force than lower stiffness racquets. Players who need to generate a lot of power should select this category.

    Everyone's game is different but we have seen a lot of growth in our customer's tennis game based on these 3 very simple steps!

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