FAQ & Rules

The Ladder FAQ & Rules




  • 1. How do I login?

    Logging in to the system is easy, if you have troubles contact us at will@tourtennis.com.

  • 2. How do I contact my opponents?

    There are two ways to view your opponent's contact information.

  • 3. How do I submit a score?

    Submitting scores is easy and the system ensures that you submit a score for at least 2 sets.

  • 4. How do I change my information?

    You can change your email, phone, etc. but make sure you click to save any changes.

  • 5. What if I enter a score incorrectly?

    Click here for the quickest response for all score inquiries.

  • 6. How to upload a player picture?

    If you would like to upload a player profile picture, follow the video below.

  • 7. What if my opponent doesn't answer?

    If you have contacted your opponent 3 times via email and text message with no response, you can default the match. See below on how to do this.

  • 8. How do I create a Challenge exhibition match?

    A Challenge match is not part of the Ladder season but you can use it to schedule matches for the Ladder or simply create an exhibition match.

  • 9. How do I accept a Challenge exhibition match?

    Make sure to check the Challenge matches regularly if you're able to play, you can accept a challenge from anyone.

  • 10. More Questions or Issues?

    If you have additional questions and/or issues please contact us here.

  • 11. What are the Rules for the Ladder?

    Scroll down for The Ladder official rules. Every player should abide by these rules as our mission is to grow the game of Tennis and allow for everyone to have fun! If you are not having fun or enjoying, please let us know and why so that we can do all we can to ensure you have a good experience.

  • 12. Are there prizes for The Ladder?

    Right now we do not have standardized prizes for the Ladder but each season we will announce the prizes at the end of the season Tournament!




  • 1. General information

    The Ladder by Tour Tennis is the most fun, flexible, and competitive league for players of all ages and skill levels. The Ladder offers year round options for players wanting a competitive league that fits around their schedule. The Ladder offers four seasons: Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter. Players are not obligated to only 1 match per week or even the 'designated scheduled' match for that week. As long as all match scores are submitted by end of season, players are not penalized for skipping a weekly match as long as both parties have communicated clearly with one another. Failure to respond or communicate with an opponent may result in a Default Win for your opponent if they have attempted to contact you more than 3 times via SMS text-message or email.

  • 2. How it Works

    At the start of each season, divisional match schedules will be released. Each player will have a new opponent of similar skill that they will be scheduled to play each week. Players will be scheduled for 8 matches with a bye week in the middle after the 4th week. The Ladder will provide the profile and contact information, then players are responsible for coordinating a convenient time and place to play each scheduled opponent.

  • 3. Dates & Weather

    Each season's dates will be unique each year. Generally, each Season will follow these general periods of time:
    Spring — March - May
    Summer — June - August
    Fall — September - November
    Winter — December - February

    If the weather is above 99° or below 40° or if you suffer from very hot conditions, then you are able to decline the match and reschedule as long as it has been communicated to the opponent. All players should work together to find an appropriate time to get their match played. If all players are willing to go above and beyond to accommodate their opponent, then everyone should have fun!

  • 4. Match Format, Rankings, & Surfaces

    Format — All matches are best of 3 sets. Before all matches, both players should agree to either playing a full 3rd Set or a 10 Point Tie Break if the match extends to a 3rd Set. All players should be willing to go above and beyond to accommodate their opponent so that everyone has fun!

    Rankings — Our point system is simple and we aspire to create a fair and balanced way to appropriate how rankings between players should work. Players are awarded the following:

    2 points — Win
    2 points — Default Win
    1.5 points — Win in 3 Sets (this means the match extended to 3 sets and therefore was a closer match)
    0 points — Default Loss or Loss

    Surfaces — If you are in a Senior Division, you can request that all your matches be played on Clay Court, if you suffer from knee injuries, you can request the same but we advocate that all players go above and beyond to accommodate their opponent so that everyone is safe and has fun! Junior Divisions are played on a full-sized court and 12 & Under Divisions (only) will use a Green-Dot ball.

  • 5. Home vs. Away

    At this time we do not designate Home vs. Away matches; this means that players must work together and all players must be willing to go above and beyond to accommodate their opponent so that everyone has fun! Eventually Tour Tennis will have partnerships with other Tennis Centers that will allow players to use these facilities if they do not have a Home Court.

  • 6. Defaults & Other Scenarios

    If your opponent does not respond after 3 attempts using both email and text-message, then you are able to Default the match in your favor. All players should initiate communication and be as quick to respond to any form of communication from other players.

    If you or your opponent cannot complete the match during progress, then you can either work with your opponent to pick-up where you left off at a later date or concede the match as a Default Win. If a player must retire before the match is over and is unwilling to play later during the season, the match should be scored as a 'Default Win'.


More Questions? Contact Us Here

More Questions? Contact Us Here