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April 2015

​Want to play tennis on your own schedule?

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You need to check out the Charleston Tennis Ladder at TourTennis.com. It's 8 weeks long, a match a week. It's perfect for tennis players looking for a flexible match schedule.

Every week, Tour Tennis pairs you up with a player in your level. You're given each other's contact information. All you have to do is email or call, set up a time and place to play around your schedules. Once your match is over, the winner submits the score to the Tour Tennis website.

Gamma Glide Cross String: Why You Want It In Your Racket?

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Gamma Glide is a string designed just as a cross string. If you're enjoying your racket but want to step up your game, putting a hybrid cross string in your racket can greatly impact it for the better! The advantage of using a hybrid cross string is because it allows for a better touch, power and spin. The Gamma Glide is designed with a one-of-a-kind lubricated string. Your main, vertical strings will easily glide over Gamma Glide's low friction material, which allows the ball to get more spin.