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October 2015

Halloween Flash Sale

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Halloween Flash Sale at Tour Tennis Mt. Pleasant Store (only) from October 30 - 31 (Saturday - Sunday). For every $100 spent, get $10 off for November!

Tennis Tip #4: Exhale Through the Shot

Today's tip is good for under-pressure situations on the court. When hitting shots focus on exhaling. Typically, when a player is under-pressure they hold their breath while hitting. When players exhale through hitting the ball, their whole stroke changes and as a result produces a smoother strike. So next time when you are playing, try exhaling during your swing and see how well it works for you. I hope y'all have a safe and wonderful Halloween tomorrow!

Tennis Tip #3: Grip

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I hope all of you are having an awesome day! Something I like to have students think about when taking a lesson and when playing matches is the pressure they are using when holding the grip. Most of the time, when players are having trouble with their strokes and getting power and spin on their shots, it is due to holding the grip too tightly. So a quick fix to this common problem is making your grip like holding a baby bird. When I have had students think of the grip as a baby bird, their strokes become smooth and as a result they achieve more spin and power in their game. So, the next time you go and play or take a lesson remember that you are holding a baby bird. I am excited for your games to improve!

Coaching Encouragements: #3

Good morning! One thing I have seen is out of some of the biggest losses, come the biggest victories. There have been a lot of students who I work with, who after a loss, ended up training harder. These players, who used a loss as a catalyst for improvement, ended up winning the next tournament. The idea of using losses to bring about improvement is where champions are born. I hope that this day is going to be a wonderful one for you!

Tennis Tip #2: Practice Your Serve

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When you practice or during match-play, pick a number of times to bounce the ball before each serve. The importance of having a ritual can be seen when pros are playing as well as observing other professional sports. Such an example is basketball. When the best shooters are at the free throw line, look for the number of times they bounce the ball before taking their shot. This "ritual" parallels the serve. I hope that all of you have a day filled with joy and countless successes!

Coaching Encouragements: #2

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This afternoon I have the opportunity to help a Tennis Club with their junior tennis program. I am very excited to get to go and work with junior tennis players! Teaching tennis is such a gift! The opportunity to bring improvement to a student's game is so rewarding. To be able to work with these kids and convey life messages is what I believe life is all about. My favorite message is the idea to let go when a student misses a shot so that you can have maximum focus on the next shot. I believe this is so important in life. I have found that when I am letting go of past mistakes I am able to learn from them and focus on doing my best with whatever is in front of me. For myself this philosophy is a catalyst for a positive attitude. I hope that all of you have a day that is positive and joyful! Remember whether you are coaching or not, the coolest thing is there is going to be someone today that you can help change their life for the better!

Tennis Tip #1: First Serve

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Here is a quick tip that can help your first serve. When hitting the ball, focus on keeping your head up and trying to hit the net tape. If you see the ball hitting the net you know that you are bringing your head down too soon. Hope that y'all have a wonderful week!

Coaching Encouragements: #1

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So yesterday I helped coach at two different clubs. I absolutely love coaching. Every time I am able to help teach it is such an awesome opportunity to help! There is for me no better feeling when I see a student improving or having fun during a drill. In the past I took coaching for granted. It has now become one of the things I am most grateful for. For those of you who are on the court today, remember that the awesome thing about coaching is that there is the opportunity to change someone's life for the better! Now that is very cool.

Halloween Clearance Sale

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Scary clearance sale at Tour Tennis Mt. Pleasant Store (only) from October 16 - 19 (Friday - Monday). Spooky deals everyday in-store. For every $100 spent, get $10 off for November!