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November 2015

Black Friday Sale

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This Friday Only! Black Friday Sale with Apparel starting at $15, Footwear starting at $35. Also, Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Select Socks and 20% Off Gift Cards over $100 (not to be used the same day). There will Sale on Racquets and Bags as well! We're open from 9am - 5pm Friday so come out and get these great deals!

Tennis Tip #7: Premovement on the Tennis Court

By Lee Floyd | Director of Park West Tennis 2 years ago 1079 Views No comments
Premovement on the Tennis Court

Most people think of speed on the tennis court in relation to getting to the ball quickly after the ball has been contacted. That definitely helps a player be fast on the tennis court but it is not the most critical step of tennis speed. I define premovement has getting ready to move right before your opponent is making contact. This is a key element to speed on the tennis court.

This type of premovement is typically referred to as the split step. Most tennis players only think of split stepping when they are at the net. The split step should be used before every single shot that your opponent hits to make sure that you have a quick first step to every shot. It is very critical to use this premovement to have quick first step speed to every shot. Premovement is always done correctly when you are very light on your feet.

So to improve your speed on the tennis court, you don't have to run lots of sprints at the track. Just focus on timing that split step, and being light on the feet, and ready to move right before your opponent makes contact. This premovement should make you a faster tennis player and have you getting to more balls than ever.
Lee Floyd | Director of Park West Tennis

Tennis Tip #6: Tip for Returning Serve

By Clay Maynor | Head Professional MPRD,USPTA Elite Professional 2 years ago 1026 Views 2 comments
Be Flexible in Where You Stand to Return Serve. I encourage players to observe their opponents service patterns in warmups and throughout the match. Ask these questions: where does their "go to serve" tend to land and are they able to move the serve around? Once you have a read on the serve, move a step over, up or back to take away that favorite serve! This is a great way to apply pressure and hopefully get the server out of their comfort zone on big points. Be strategic in where you stand and when to up the pressure on your opponents serve.

Clay Maynor | Head Professional MPRD,USPTA Elite Professional

Coaching Encouragements: #6

Good morning! I hope that this weekend was a great one, for you! I heard a definition of luck that I like. Luck is where opportunities and preparation meet. If I apply this definition, I am in a position to create my own luck. Two things I use to help with preparation are:1. Having an attitude of gratitude, and having a positive mindset each and every morning! 2. I write a list of things that I am grateful for.The thing that helps me to have an attitude of gratitude is, in the morning, writing a gratitude list. I am grateful for being able to have such good friends! I am grateful to be able to help people with their tennis game. Another aspect that helps me to have a positive mindset is listening to positive affirmations. It is really cool how I can feel my mood elevated when I am taking this action. By having a prepared mind, I have been in a position to see solutions to problems and realize opportunities to improve! I can say without a doubt that I have been very lucky in my friendships and in the ability to help others. So, I hope that your day is going to be a lucky one!

Tennis Tip #5: Footwork

Good morning. Here is one thing I have students do to help improve there footwork. I ask them to watch matches on tv and each game look at one player only. Instead of watching the rally, observe only one player. When doing this, a student can then see how a professional moves throughout the point. After students do this, I notice a huge amount of improvement in their footwork. I look forward to the improved footwork you will experience after using this tip! I hope you have a wonderful day!

The Racquet Maintenance Guide

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  1. Re-String your racquet at least two times a year or as many times a week you play. If you play four times a week try to restring your racquet at least four times a year.

Coaching Encouragements: #5

Good morning! Here is something I believe to be vital to becoming more effective and better at helping others. It is to be humble. One definition of humility that I heard is, to remain teachable. If I try to follow this definition then I am placed in a position to learn and thus become better in whatever I am doing. Not having all the answers is okay. At first it was hard for me to admit I did not have all the answers. I thought it was a sign of weakness. Ultimately, this brought a lot of pain in my life. Taking the position that it's okay to not have all the answers and ask for advice has had awesome results. I am much more effective and able to have a positive mindset. I love learning from other coaches as well as students. I thought that to be humble was a result of humiliation. Thankfully, I was totally wrong. I now think that to be humble is a strength and absolutely necessary to happiness. I hope that you have a day filled with happiness!

Coaching Encouragements: #4

Good morning. There is a reason I like Monday. It's because it is the start of the week. I like to think of Monday being not only the start of the week, but the start of new opportunities, the start of new experiences, the start of new friendships, and the start of new ways to improve. In the past I dreaded Monday. Having this attitude, only confirmed this belief about Monday throughout the day. Through changing my perspective of Monday to one of excitement, the results have been wonderful. By changing my thoughts, my feelings changed and as a result I am happy. I really hope that you have a wonderful Monday and an amazing, awesome week!