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Gamma Glide Cross String: Why You Want It In Your Racket?

Gamma Glide Cross String: Why You Want It In Your Racket?
By Tour Tennis 3 years ago 1359 Views No comments

Gamma Glide is a string designed just as a cross string. If you're enjoying your racket but want to step up your game, putting a hybrid cross string in your racket can greatly impact it for the better! The advantage of using a hybrid cross string is because it allows for a better touch, power and spin. The Gamma Glide is designed with a one-of-a-kind lubricated string. Your main, vertical strings will easily glide over Gamma Glide's low friction material, which allows the ball to get more spin.

Did I mention that you can use Gamma Glide with of your other favorite vertical main strings? Gamma Glide can pair well with any poly, multifilament or synthetic. There's also an advantage to using a Gamma Glide Cross String over using a multifilament string. Multifilament strings are also often used in the horizontal stringing, however Gamma Glide offer more durability. It's going to last you longer.

Swing by the Tour Tennis location near you and let a specialist on hand show you the crystal clear Gamma Glide in person!