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The Racquet Maintenance Guide

The Racquet Maintenance Guide
By Mack Madonick 2 years ago 1304 Views No comments

  1. Re-String your racquet at least two times a year or as many times a week you play. If you play four times a week try to restring your racquet at least four times a year.
  2. Overgrips are the most cost effective way of making your racquet grip feel fresh and tacky. The original grip the racquet comes with is meant normally for comfort and shock absorption not necessarily for tackiness. Over grips will give you the best feeling of tackiness along with absorption that you can get.
  3. Never leave your racquet in your car for extended amounts of time. Extreme heat can cause the racquet to warp and the strings to loosen, while extreme cold can cause the strings to go dead and cause more vibrations at contact.
  4. If you have more than one racquet, make sure to leave any spares in your bag while playing. Sun damage does occur with string and to preserve the life of your string make sure to keep racquet in your bag as long as possible.
  5. Re-Grip your racquet with an over grip every 10 hours of play. Re-grip your replacement grip twice a year (Though it might feel like its not needed replacement grips will store sweat and can cause the grip to smell along with being a habitat for bacteria growth).

Bring your racquet into Tour Tennis and any stringer will let you know if any maintenance is needed. Things like grommet repair are often overlooked by most players but replacing your grommets will prolong the life of your racquet, a $30 grommet repair might save you the $200 it takes to replace a frame. TourTennis staff are always available in person or over the phone with any questions you might have with racquet maintenance.