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Toyota Proposal

Sponsorship Summary

  • — What —

    Tour Tennis is looking to partner with a single (superior) brand sponsor for:

    The Ladder by Tour Tennis
    What is The Ladder © ?
    The Ladder © is a Flex Tennis system facilitated by Tour Tennis that consists of thousands of tennis players in the Charleston, SC metro area. The Ladder © runs 4 times per year in seasonal periods (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall) that last 8 or 9 weeks long. The season is capped with a final Tournament of the top 8 regular season players in a single-elimination to determine the winners of each division (similar to USTA's regional schemes). Please click the logo above to view the current season rankings.

    How does The Ladder © differ from other tennis leagues?
    Part of Tour Tennis' mission is to innovate how Tennis continues to evolve their platform so that the community and game of Tennis grows. Here are only a few listed features with The Ladder ©:

    1. Low Barrier to Entry - All other platforms first require pre-registration before you can actually register to play. Tour Tennis guarantees all players get to compete without a pre-registration.

    2. Multi-Generational & Multi-Skilled Platform - The Ladder © offers competition for Juniors, Adults, and Seniors of all skill-levels. All other platforms do not offer the range of skills for all of these age groups.

    3. Automation and Ease of Use - Tour Tennis has developed a sustainable software solution that's extremely simple but also can facilitate tens of thousands of players in a single season. Our ambition is to grow The Ladder © to a nationally recognized and hundreds of thousands participating in competition.

    4. Data to Evolve Competition - Unlike all other platforms, Tour Tennis is acquiring data from the player's win and loss record in order to correctly pair future matches. It also equates to a Dynamic Player Rating based on the opponent's ranking to correctly gauge all player ratings.

    5. Challenge - Players can challenge each other in an exhibition matches (at any time) which encourages more sporadic and fun play between players.

    6. Just the Beginning - Tour Tennis has so many more fruitful ideas on how to evolve The Ladder © and expand the game of Tennis.

  • — Why —

    Summary - The USTA (United States Tennis Associate) draws several hundreds of thousands of players every year throughout the country in their leagues which equates to a $4 - 6 Billion Dollar Industry. The opportunity is ripe for Tour Tennis to further advance its solution that's more sophisticated and advanced than USTA's system.

    Current State - Tour Tennis is able to market to roughly 6,000 avid tennis players per season in a strategic & well executed multi-channelled approach. The Ladder © averages ~375 players per season in its flex leagues. However, The Ladder © marketing approach is reaching less than 1/4 of the Tennis community in the Charleston metro area. In addition, Tourtennis.com averages 12,000 (organic traffic) users per quarter (Google Analytics).

    Future State - Tour Tennis needs additional funds for marketing efforts to reach potential players. There are approximately 30,000+ (State of the Industry) avid tennis players in the Charleston metro area, and between 15,000 - 20,000 avid tennis players in each metro area, Myrtle Beach and Columbia, SC where Tour Tennis is in the process of franchising local store locations within 6 - 9 months. In total, this means there are roughly 70,000 customers within these metro markets.

    Demographically (Target Market), most players range from 20 - 40 years of age with an even split between male and female players. Tour Tennis wants to scale its marketing efforts for The Ladder © for all 3 metro areas in hopes to be able to schedule a wider scaled-growth in the Southeast. For this reason, Tour Tennis needs a recognized (superior) brand partner to help broaden its reach.

    Baseline Reach - With the appropriate funds to market in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Columbia, Tour Tennis anticipates around 2,000 players actively involved in their leagues per season. This number would be a baseline number that projects only 2.86% conversion (based on a 70,000 segment reach between all 3 metro areas). The current conversion rate based on customer/player reach is ~5%.

  • — How —

    How does Tour Tennis plan to spend Sponsor Funds?
    There are essentially 3 areas that Tour Tennis wants to incentivize The Ladder © participation:

    1. Strategic Marketing - 40% ($3,200 per Season) of sponsor funds will go toward marketing that there is an easier & more accessible way to participate in Tennis outside of the USTA. Plus, displaying the features of ease and accessibility entices customers to register and participate. Tour Tennis will use sponsor funds to display The Ladder © features through a marketing strategy, as detailed in the next section.

    2. Player Rewards - 40% ($3,200 per Season) of sponsor funds will go toward winner packages. Because the target market are competitive 20 - 40 year old players, Tour Tennis wants to incentivize participation by offering player packages (shirt, balls, towel) at the Season Tournament. Winners of The Ladder © will receive a full player kit which includes: 1 Racquet and 1 Tennis Apparel Outfit of choice (shorts, shirt, socks & shoes).

    3. Tournaments - 10% ($800 per Season) of sponsor funds will go toward 4 Season Tournament events. These events will be memorable day-long participation with music, food, and possibly test drive an assortment of Toyota vehicles. In the past, our player parties are a huge factor in building the Tennis community.

    4. Scholarship for a Junior Winner - 10% ($1,000 per Season) of sponsor funds will be applied toward Scholarship money for 1 single Junior winner (randomly chosen). Providing an alternative way for under-privileged players to be involved in the game of Tennis is one of our main goals in The Ladder ©. Currently, the only way for young tennis players to progress in the game of tennis is through very expensive USTA channels. Tour Tennis believes there is unharvested talent who are not involved in the game of Tennis because the system for junior development is very narrow. Our goal is to not capitalize off Juniors at all and currently offer our 12 & under leagues for free. We want this 3rd area to grow over time whereby we can truly be another pathway for Juniors to develop in Tennis.

Benefits for Toyota - Marketing Strategy

  • 1. Logo Presence (Online)

    The Ladder © has been the main draw of why 12,000 unique visitors per quarter land on our site. However, as Tour Tennis acquires new customers, The Ladder © will display a logo that compliments the Sponsor as shown below (concepts only).

    The Ladder by Tour Tennis
    The Ladder by Tour Tennis
  • 2. Sitewide Banners (Online)

    Tour Tennis will allow for a limited number of site-wide banners that can display on several strategic areas of the site.

  • 3. Commercial Ads (TV)

    The video below is illustration only. It serves as a representation and help envision what could be produced which will have much higher marketing quality.

  • 4. A/B Email Campaigns (Email)

    Tour Tennis has acquired over 4,000 customer emails and can segment based on customer's rating for better targeting and will produce high quality Email Campaigns with the intent to A/B test the effectiveness for future campaigns. During the marketing process of each season, Tour Tennis will send 3 - 6 emails during The Ladder © registration process. In addition, several emails are sent throughout the season that will continue to promote updates of The Ladder ©. This provides an advantage for Toyota to consistently market (Tour Tennis facilitates the emails) to Tour Tennis customers for an entire year.

  • 5. Text Campaign (Mobile)

    Tour Tennis has acquired over 7,000 customer phone numbers with the ability for customers to opt out of future campaigns. Tour Tennis promotes The Ladder © via text campaigns 1 - 2 times per season. The sponsor will be promoted in these SMS text campaigns.

  • 6. Magazine Ads (Print)

    Tour Tennis will submit a full colored page of The Ladder © in local Charleston, Myrtle Beach and Columbia magazines with Toyota as the sponsor.

  • 7. Social Campaigns (Social)

    Tour Tennis will facilitate paid Facebook ads (post-boosts) integrate blog posts, Facebook and emails with Twitter. The sponsor will be part of these ads.

  • 8. PPC Campaigns (Online)

    Tour Tennis has the enterprise experience and expertise in evaluating and measuring ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and will facilitate PPC campaigns to drive traffic to The Ladder ©. Toyota can gain click-throughs from these campaigns.

  • 9. Tennis Facility Banners (Print)

    Tour Tennis has established many relationships with Pros and Tennis facilities in the respective local areas (Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Columbia) and have been asked to provide huge banners for these facilities to promote The Ladder ©. All of these banners will promote and advertise The Ladder © and include sponsorship promotion.

Final Synopsis

The reality is that Tour Tennis will grow The Ladder © to be a nationally recognized brand among all Tennis players and programs. Will Toyota join Tour Tennis in this effort and reap the benefit of breaking into an already billion dollar industry? The short term plan is to grow The Ladder © over 12 regional locations in the next 1 - 3 years. Tour Tennis believes Toyota is the superior brand that can help. If Toyota is interested in this venture, please contact: will@tourtennis.com.